Written by jackson-yancy/butler
Ohbabysssssohit’s so goodhmumm
Ummummummummummhmget itbabyget it
You’ve been with me through the hardest times
And you’ve kept my heartbodysoul and mind together
(youyouyou) it’s been us two against the world
It ain’t been easy but we sho’ made it together
Thanks to (youyouyou) youyouyou
All I wanna say is baby (baby) oh my baby (baby)
I love you (I love youhoohoo) hoohoo
Ohyeahbaby (baby) oh my baby (oh my baby)
I love youhoohoo (I love youhoohoo)
When my world had fallen to the ground
Your love was there always around
And I love youand I love youhooI love youhoohoo
Hooh---the world keeps changing in which we live
Sometimes people just don’t have the time to give
That very special part of them that keeps our love together
Oh babytake my loveI hope you keep this forever
You (I love you) God bless you
(I love you) I love you (I really do)
Ohhoo (heyhey and I loveI love you) I love you (I love you)
Yes I dooh (I really do) it’s youbabyyoubabyoh
(heyheyand I loveI love youI love you)
Mymymymymymy (I really do) ohyes

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