Music R.Silenius & S.Huotari, Lyrics S.Huotari, Arr. Myon

Originally Inspired By A Movie With A Same Name, The Theme Develops In The Opposite Direction

Too Many Secrets So Hard To Reveal
Heathen Preachers I Just Can?T Believe
I Don?T Need No Prayers I Don?T Need No Lies
They Hide All The Answers And Blind Our Eyes
. No God No Hope And Heaven Is Only The Joke
What Is The Meaning Of This Life
Is It Only Sacrifice
They Suck Your Soul Out Of You
They Break Your Homes,There?S Nothing To Do
They Are Charming They Are So Sweet ,In The Name Of God
Planting The Devils Seed
Where Is The Truth, What?S Behind The Scenes
Where Is The Answer, Who Holds The Key
Death And Destruction Hiding Somewhere Behind The Men
Grip Of Sorrow Won?T Let You Go
When The Nations Are Falling And The Children Are Dying
No Healing Hands, When The Angels Cry
Do We Have Nothing Left That We Could Do
Oh No We Cannot Rest, It?S All Up To You
Who Knows The Secret Of Broken Arrow
Who Dares To Believe For Our Tomorrow


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