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13 Above The Night
A Continental Touch
A Daisy Chain 4 Satan (с аккордами)
A Daisy Chain 4 Satan
After The Flesh (с аккордами)
After The Flesh
And This is What The Devil Does
Apollo 69
Babylon Drifter
Blue Buddha (с аккордами)
Blue Buddha
Burning Dirt
Chemical Cop-out
China de Sade
Confessions of a Knife, Theme Part i
Delicate Terror
Devil Bunnies
Dimentia 66 - The Balad of Lucy Western
Dirty Little Secrets
Disko Flesh Pot
Do You Fear (for Your Child)?
Dream Baby
Easy Girl
Electrical Soul Wish
Final Blindness
Gateway to Hell
Glamor is a Rocky Road
Golden Strip
Hand in Hand
Hit And Run Holiday
Hot Blood Risin
Hottest Party in Town
Sex On Wheels (с аккордами)
Sex On Wheelz (с аккордами)
The Days Of Swine And Roses (с аккордами)
The Days of Swine And Roses
The International Sin Set