Point a loaded gun at me
At me
Tell me how it's gonna be
It'll be
Well you've paved your road
Now you want to pave mine
But it's not gonna work
It's time I love my life my way
Do the best I can each day
With the world on the
Fallen by the wayside
Walking through hell
With a carcass on the inside

Get away
Get down
Get off my back
Leave it alone
Listen to what
Your mama got to say
Face down while the blood
Drips off your head
Get a clue
Get away
Get down
Get off my back
Leave it alone

Mama don't like my ways
That's just the way I play
With an angry heart
And an acid mind
It eats away
The soul can't live on hate
Hate alone alone
Live my life I'm not a clone
The first time, second time,
Third time to come
With the devastating crash
Of a Wall Street bum



Where you gonna be
When your world falls down
Don't you know they laugh at
Where you gonna be
When you lose your ground
Don't stand around
The joke's on you


Pushing me down pushing me
All around
Pushing me to make me cry
Killing all dreams killing all
The world
Killing just to satisfy
Pointing to hell pointing to
The sky
Pointing just to uplift you
When you look around in
Your little world
Oh yes you better get a clue

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