She said, ?¦????ould you like to see me
Naked in your living room
Straddling your hips
And losing it over you?
We could do it all night
If you think you?¦? ?®e man enough.?Well I looked her in the eye and I said,
?¦????retty little thing, you read my mind
Gather your things, we headed back to mine.
I came here looking for a girl of your kind
For a one night stand to be satisfied.?
She said, ?¦??????¦? ??e got the urge alright
And I want to let it ride
Tonight, tonight, tonight.
C?¦? ?¦on show me that you?¦? ?®e worthy,
Show me that you want me bad enough.?Well your seething look of lust dictates

She is the love of my life
And we like to play games at night
To act like strangers
To let fantasy run wild
To use the imagination
In a fornicating playground high

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