Music and lyrics: Kari Kainulainen

Here I am
I'm wide awake
Can't fall asleep
In pitch black darkness I see what's real

Slumbering and slivering I touch almost everything
Despite my oldfashion ways I see things in new light
Still slumbering and slivering my thoughts flew away
Despite my oldfashion ways I'm alternating days

Still I am here, still wide awake

Another yesterday becomes today with faded memories
Dead - gone
Once I asked you please stop the train I begged you to stop it
God - damn
Commonsence man, Innocent lamb, Misconduct, Selfdestruct
Rock the cradle, rock to sleep, come to daddy, come to me and
Let me sleep

My turn to sleep

Can't close my eyes
Can't fall asleep
Thou it's my turn to sleep
Yes, it's my turn to sleep

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