Accountancy Shanty
All Things Dull And Ugly
Always Look on The Bright Side of Life (с табами)
Always Look On The Bright Side Of Life
Brave Sir Robin
Brave Sir Robin Ran Away
Brian Song
Bright Side Of Life
Bruce's Philosophers Song
Christmas In Heaven
Decomposing Composers
Dennis Moore
Eric The Half A Bee
Every Sperm Is Sacred
Galaxy Song
Henry Kissenger
Ho Ho Fucking Ho
I Like Cheese (с табами)
I Like Chinese
I Like Traffic Lights
I'm a Lumberjack (с аккордами)
I'm So Worried
I've Got A Lovely Bunch Of Coconuts
I've Got Two Legs
Idiot Song
Isn't it Awfully Nice to Have a Penis
Knights of The Round Table
Knights Of The Round Table (Camelot Song)
Live at The Hollywood Bowl
Lumberjack Song
Meaning Of Life
Medical Love Song
Money Song
Monty (с табами)
Monty Python And The Holy Grail
Never be Rude to an Arab
Oliver Cromwell
Penis Song
Penis Song (Not The Noel Coward Song)
Penis Song (the Not Noel Coward Song)
Philosopher Song (с табами)
Philosophers Song (с табами)
Self-defense Against Fresh Fruit
Sit on my Face
Spam Song
The Architects Sketch
The Lumberjack Song
The Man With Three Buttocks Sketch
The Meaning of Life
The Money Song
The Oliver Cromwell Song
The Penis Song
The Philosopher's Song
The Spanish Inquisition Sketch
Two Legs
Universe (с табами)