Liquor burns my tongue
It stings to count to three and look to see a hand upon your waist
But he holds you like he should
Graceful, gliding, glimpse of a lover's kiss
Another round of ale, an I don't believe this
Movements of a demigod
We're caught in a waltz and hope we dance forever
A dream from which we'll never part
And awake from your arms, I'd neevr, ever
He whispers in your ear
From what it seems it turns you on
Sends shivers down your back, like the violin runs
graceful, gliding, glimpse of a lover's touch
I can dance with my gloves on, I think this has gome far enough
Watch your steps and count to three
Stare across the room with careful scurtiny
Assess the situation
Proof is what I need, to show that I'm a man
I know just what I want, and have the liquid confidence to show her what I've got
The man that never care, that never bottled up and hid from all the feelings that je jad, and all the
things he never did
I stop my slurring speech and expect the best reply
"will you dance befoe the night ends, just one more time?"
Adrenaline, the confirmation, losing to the charm..In my arms

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