Hmm, hmm
Nigga listen

Dead in the mist of this rocky storm
I sit and wonder what went wrong oh, oh
My love had no delays
And my feeling never faded away
Everything was the same old same

1 - So don't you try to love me now
It's too late, it's too late
And don't you try to make things right
I won't wait, I can't wait

Now you made up your mind
To leave our love behind
And go on with your life, life
And now here we go again
(It's too late, too late)
Begging for another chance
Cause you convinced yourself
You can make it right, all right, oh no

I can't see myself giving you (No no)
Another chance, no, no
It hurt that night you walked out on me
I never thought I'd love again
(I never thought I'd love again)

Boy it's over now
There's nothing left to say
The love that we shared has gone away, away
And love don't live here anymore
(It's too late, too late)
Cause in my heart I closed the door
And never will I let you back in
This is the end, oh

Repeat 1

You don't know how I feel right now
(Don't try, don't try
It's too late, it's too late)
Gotta move on, cause it's the same old song
And I got better things to do with my life
(Don't try, don't try
Won't wait, can't wait)
I got to plant your seed
So just go on without me, yeah

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