[Mo] Um, whassup baby
I missed you today
[Man] You did, huh?
[Mo] Yeah, whassup, what's wrong with you?
[Man] How many times did I beep you today?
[Mo] I have no idea, you know where I was
[Man] If i beep you it's for a reason, it's not a joke
[Mo] What are you talking about, I was workin'
I can't stop every second and just answer every call
[Man] See that's your problem
You're being real disrespectful right now
[Mo] I can't keep goin' through these changes
I gotta work
I got a million things goin' on here
[Man] Seem a whole... I beeped you five times
[Mo] Listen, I was working and that's the bottom line
That's it, there's nothing else
What do you want me to say?
[Man] If I beep you, you call me back
[Mo] Listen
[Man] And I don't wanna hear nothin' else about it
[Mo] Uh
[Man] Nothin'
[Mo] So you know what? I I can't keep goin' through this
If you feel like that
If you feel like you being disrespected
You need to do what you gotta do
And I'mma do what I have to do
There's a bigger picture here, boo
I'm sorry

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