(feat. Murphy Lee (St. Lunatics))
Sex, money, cars
I know how you like to be in charge
I love how you flossin' me in your car
I know how you like to ride
With your lady by your side, babe
Love you in your corn rolls and your Timbs
And the way your ice shine off those rims
I like your style if that's what's up
That's Cristal, pass the cup
Boy I like what you're saying
I know it's only game but
I feel the moves you makin'
You got my body shakin'
[Repeat 1]
I know what boys like
I know what they want
He likes them classy
And he likes them nasty
I can tell they're all the same
I can tell who's playing games
I can tell what kind you are
I can tell, I can tell
The girls, they be checkin' you all day
I seen all the messages on your two way
But you ain't got time for hoes
Cause Mo is on your mind, right
They wanna get next to you, no doubt
But they don't know
I got you locked
And the keys to the brand new drop
(No way)
[Repeat 1 x2]
[Repeat 2]
I know what boys like
(What's that?)
I know what they want
(Oh yeah)
They wanna sex me
(That's right)
They wanna undress me
[Murphy Lee]
Now what a dude gotta do to make you break rules?
I gotta tell lies like them regular fools
I'm the truth like Beanie to get you out of bikinis
Make you come to bed dressed in all white like Fettucini
I'm kinky like Bernie Mac on Friday
I got blunts and rubbers to last five days
Murphy don't play I stop girls that hate
Rewinds girls that pay and record girls that's late
I'm fast forward women that tell me I gotta wait
I pause all girls not hittin' on first dates
You lookin' crazy like Jesse the VJ
Murphy leading more hotel rooms than Norman Bates
I've seen more thighs than employees at KFC
You might've hit one but I've hit two outta three
Huh I know what girls like, I know what they want
Walk in the joint, iced out straight to the point like
[Repeat 2 x3]
[Repeat 2: w/ background "I know, I know...what boys like" till end]

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