145 (579)
We dwell in the courts of the Most High;
We shelter in the shade of His wings.
He is our place of safety;
We are secure in His promises.

He alone is my refuge,
He's my God and I'm trusting Him.
The destruction that stalks the darkness,
Of this I am no longer afraid.
He alone is my refuge,
I am no longer afraid.

A thousand may fall at our right hand;
We stand alone amidst disaster.
Evil will not touch us;
From all we will be delivered.

We have made the Lord our refuge,
We have chosen Him for shelter.
His angels keep us from falling,
In His hands He bears us up.

Because you cleave to Me in love
I will deliver you.
I will protect you
Because you know My name.

When you call, I will answer,
I will be with you in trouble.
You will know your joy fulfilled
And see My salvation.

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