126 (529)
The promised land God gave us
Is right here at our feet,
So let us build the city
Till heaven is complete.
The ground on which we're standing
Only we can mould,
Unique in every touch we make,
Yet blending with the whole.

Your life and mine praising God
In perfect harmony.
O come, dear Father, please live with us,
Reveal Your majesty.

Behold the holy city,
The new Jerusalem,
Coming down from heaven,
God's dwelling place with men.
The bride and groom together,
Eternity is sealed,
And in the new creation
God's heart and ours fulfilled.

See there is no temple
To go and worship in:
The Lamb and the Almighty
Fill every living thing;
And in the glory of their light,
Flowing from the throne,
A stream of living water,
God's holiness, our home.

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