Our God is a God of war
And He is highly exalted,
Our God is our strength and song,
The Lord is a mighty warrior.

We're singing and dancing and shouting and marching,
As we execute the justice and rule of our God.
We'll take the nations for Jesus as Satan's kingdom falls,
Righteousness and truth will prevail through our God.

Our God has a sword on His thigh,
And He has girded it for battle.
In majesty and splendour
He will ride on victoriously.

His own arm has brought salvation,
He's put on righteousness as a breastplate.
He's put on garments of vengeance
And wrapped Himself with zeal as a mantle.

We are the army of God,
As a church we stand in God's armour.
The powers of darkness are trembling
As Jesus our Captain goes before us.

By His power we can run through a troop,
By His strength we will leap over walls.
The standard of our God we are raising,
The Spirit is moving us forward.

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