I wanna dance, I wanna sing,
I wanna show You what You mean to me,
I wanna do something now,
To show You somehow how I feel.
I wanna live, I wanna love,
Like I never have done before,
And as I do I want You Lord
To fill me up more and more.

It's not just for the moment,
Or dependent on how I feel,
But You've done something in my heart,
And that something is real.
I wanna pray, I wanna shout,
I wanna tell Him about my plan.
And that's to pray and to sing
And to shout till we all understand.
So with that goal in my eye
I'm gonna do it or die trying,
I want this whole to know
That this light in my heart has to show.

It's not for my own glory,
For I might seem like a fool,
But somehow what's inside my heart
Has got to get to You.

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