I have made a covenant with My chosen,
Given My servant My word.
I have made Your name to last for ever,
Built to outlast all time.

I will celebrate Your love for ever, Yahweh,
Age on age my words proclaim Your love.
For I claim that love is built to last for ever,
Founded firm Your faithfulness.

Yahweh, that assembly of those who love You,
Applaud Your marvellous word.
Who in the skies can compare with Yahweh?
Who can rivan Him?

Happy the people who learn to acclaim You,
They rejoice in Your light.
You are our glory and You are our courage,
Our hope belongs to You.

I have revealed My chosen servant
And He can rely on Me,
Given Him my love to last for ever,
He shall rise in My name.

He will call to Me, 'My Father, my God!'
For I make Him my firstborn Son.
I cannot take back My given promise,
I've called Him to shine like the sun.

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