God has spoken to His people,
Through His prophets long ago,
Of the days in which we're living
And the things His church should know.
Listen then you sons of Zion,
Lend your ears to what God says,
Then respond in full obedience,
Gladly walk in all His ways.

These are times of great refreshing
Coming from the throne in heaven,
Times of building and of shaking
When God rids His church of leaven.
Not a patching up of wineskins
Or of garments that are old,
But a glorious restoration
Just exactly as foretold.

Reign on, O God victorious,
Fulfil your promises.
Seed of Abraham remember
You will see all nations blessed.
Powers of darkness, we remind you
Of Christ's victory on the cross.
Hear the truth we are declaring,
Jesus won and you have lost.

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