27 (117)
Fountain, Fountain, spring from the earth,
So many thirst and cry.
Your living waters owe their birth
To One who chose to die.
River, river, flow to the sea,
Some may pass you by,
But you've become a home to me
And I'm no longer living dry,
I'm no longer living dry.

'Cause I've been drinking at the fountain,
I've been swimming in the sea.
Jesus led me to that mountain stream,
His love has found a home in me,
O yes, His love has found a home in me.

Water, water, flow through my heart,
So many souls are dry,
Lead me on from ankle deep
To bathe in the ocean wide.
Mountain, mountain, reach to the sky,
Holy hands are raised,
Before the Father's throne we bow
In wonder, love and praise,
In wonder, love and praise.

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