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Every new day that breaks,
The decisions I make,
Each breath that I take
Is You.
Temptations that pull,
Circumstances that would fool me,
I'm seeing through and finding You,
Just You.

For me to live is You,
No longer torn in two;
Only one life here in me
And it's You, for always You.

The fun and laughter I wear,
The paid I bear,
The love that I share
Is You.
The worship I bring,
The songs that I sing,
Every single thing,
Lord it's You,
Just You.

The thin line I've been walking on,
Caught between what's right or wrong,
Suddenly I find it's gone
And all that's left is You,
Just You.

#last time
Yes, it's You, for always You,
Lord it's You.

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