Come children, with singing, with sweet voices ringing
Come kneel to the Babe that in Bethlehem lies
While angels achoir, with pinions of fire
Are filling with music the listening skies.
Repeat the dear story how, veiling His glory
The Hope of the Ages came down to the earth
Oh, worship Him lowly, the lofty and holy
Our Star of the Morning shone out at His birth.
See Mary enfold Him, while shepherds behold Him
And sages are bent at His beautiful feet
Come, haste to adore Him, and, bowing before Him
The Lord who redeems you in reverence greet.
This wonderful Stranger, His couch is a manger
His cradle is made with the cattle in stall
Yet God of creation in blest incarnation
He stoops to our nature to ransom us all...

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