Abide in me, O Lord, and I in Thee
From this good hour, oh, leave me nevermore
Then shall the discord cease, the wound be healed
The lifelong bleeding of the soul be o'er.

Abide in me; o'ershadow by Thy love
Each half formed purpose and dark thought of sin
Quench ere it rise each selfish, low desire
And keep my soul as Thine, calm and divine.

As some rare perfume in a vase of clay
Pervades it with a fragrance not its own
So, when Thou dwellest in a mortal soul
All heaven's own sweetness seems around it thrown.

Abide in me; there have been moments blest
When I have heard Thy voice and felt Thy power
Then evil lost its grasp; and passion, hushed
Owned the divine enchantment of the hour.

These were but seasons beautiful and rare
Abide in me, and they shall ever be
Fulfill at once Thy precept and my prayer
Come, and abide in me, and I in Thee...

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