A Call to Arms
A Time And Place
All i Need is a Miracle
Another Cup of Coffee (с табами) (с переводом)
Another Cup Of Coffee (с аккордами)
Beautiful Day
Before (the Next Heartache Falls)
Black & Blue
Everybody Gets a Second Chance
Hanging by a Thread
I Get The Feeling
I Think I've Got The Message
Let's Pretend it Didn't Happen
My Crime of Passion
Nobody Knows
Nobody's Perfect
Now That You've Gone
Over my shoulder (с переводом)
Over my Shoulder (с табами)
Over My Shoulder (с аккордами)
Par Avion
Poor Boy Down
Seeing is Believing:
Silent Running
Stop Baby
Take The Reins
Taken in
The Living Years
The Living Years (с табами)
The Living Years (с аккордами)
The Way You Look at me
Too Many Friends
Whenever I Stop
Why Me?
Word of Mouth
Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow
You Are The One