1/2 A Loaf
Angel In My Heart
Brand New Set Of Rules
Dancing In The Starlight
Don't Call Me Up
Don't Tear Me Up
Dont Look Back (с табами)
Dont Tear me up (с табами)
Evening Gown
Evening Gown (с аккордами)
Everybody Getting High
God Gave me Everything (с табами)
God Gave Me Everything (с аккордами)
God Gave My Everything
Goddess In The Doorway
Goddess In The Doorway (с аккордами)
Handsome Molly
Hang On To Me Tonight
Hang On To Me Tonight (с аккордами)
Hard Woman
Hard Woman (с аккордами)
Hide Away
Just Another Night
Kow Tow
Let's Work
Lonely At The Top
Lonely At The Top (с аккордами)
Lonely For So Long
Lucky Day
Lucky In Love
Mother Of A Man
Out Of Focus
Party Doll
Party Doll (с аккордами)
Peace For The Wicked
Primitive Cool
Put Me In The Trash
Radio Control
Running Out Of Luck
Say You Will (с переводом)
She's The Boss
Shoot Off Your Mouth
Sweet Thing
Too Far Gone
Turn The Girl Loose
Use Me
Use Me (с аккордами)
Visions Of Paradise
Wandering Spirit
War Baby
War Baby (с аккордами)