You catch the starlight in your hands,
Seal my heart with golden strands
You give me everything you have
I'm burning

If time could turn back every page
Tears could wash the bitter taste
There's never anything I'd change
Yearning to be

With you for it feels like home
Burning for you, it feels so cold
Yearning, you're running through my veins
I've got a fire in my heart
Yearning, through this book of days

All that I desire is your love
You make me love, you make me dance,
A ring around my circumstance
I will never take the chance of leaving
All the horses, all the men
Could never lift me up again
To where my soul could fly forever
Reaching for you
Flashing through my memory
You're the good throughout my history

Catch me when I'm falling
Hear me when I'm calling

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