Oh my love you greet me now
In this tempest night I've run aground
And the day has rolled on into never
But you won't wane in winters cold
And in my dark your lights go on
Feel my heart held to your tether
In feast or famine of my soul
I know you will remain
The least of me you love the most
When all have gone away

In the silence when the fear calls
And the tears pour You carry me home
You're the windfall in the rainstorm
Stay with me (with me)
Never fair weather
You are never fair weather

You'll be here when the leaves fall down
When colours fade on this old playground
And the mist makes it so hard to remember
Seasons change and rearrange
But you will stay the same
It seems when all I see is grey
You'll never part our way

Will you guide me to the day
When the summer moon has forsaken me?
You're the lighthouse like Gibraltar's rock
I sail on the winds of Levanter
Straight into Your arms

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