Remember when we used to rolla skate,
stay up late,
Friday night,
you know we're feelin' great,
Disco rink or in the park,
early morning to the after dark.
Back to front,
from side to side,
swing your hips baby,
learn to glide, and slide,
let the feeling inside.
Party peolpe always doin' it right.
So watch over me, and
cleanse over me, be
inside of me, in a jive with me.
Cause I got the need to feela funky beat.
Wanna shake up,dance, get us up on our feet.
So just cross the fade, let the needle drop, hip-hop
and just let your body rock.

Let the music move your soul.
Get your feelin' and let yourself go.
While the DJ is takin' control.

Well, well,well.
If you don't mind, I won't tell,
That I saw you gettin' down on the floor,
just before the break of dawn shines through the door.
You sure were working hard,
and make sure the lights don't get shut off.
But dim them low, because you know,
it's time to do the do we like to do.
Let the DJ know that you love this.
Say "oh o" What your zodiac sign?
Just a touch of love,
a little bit,
can make a big difference when you're with your friends.
But, if your not, just let your body rock.


I don't want to lose that feeling,
That I've been feeling.
when I'm gettin' down right here with ya'll.
I really want to be right here with ya'll.
So open up and sweat my skin,
let the good times in, let the good times in.
So shock the block till seven o'clock,
show shock and just let your body rock.


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