You see I light up the night like fireworks after dark
open the night up at candlestick park
it's time to get down low down on the show down
so we can throw down and get together

The spearhead funk is in the air
throw up your hands like you just don't care
and rub up close to your neighbour
this is the time for you to savour
suck it slow like a life saver
as always the DJ's the saviour
flip the switch because I've missed you
in the darkness I like to kiss you
neck to neck sweat steaming wet
hips rub-a-dub and feel a pounding in my chest

Boom boom feel the heart beat
aah smells so sweet
like a fresh cut citrus mango juicy and delicious
I like to sink into you
lava lamp watch and do your voodoo
wiggle it from side to side
crack your back from the inside
you're my ticket
feel me get wicked

Boom boom feel the heart beat
smells so sweet
first time love me unique
from tip top and down to my feet
boom boom feel the heart beat
smells so sweet
first time love me unique
boom two me and you

Visualise feel the heat
its too hot to sleep under the sheet
watch the fan circle overhead
blowing air down to your bed
see your like mist on my skin
alcohol burnin' in
openin' my pours up
openin' doors up
open doors up so close up
I can hear your breathin' so revealing
peeling off you tank top sit on top
sit on top find the right spot
soft lips warm tongue
enter me like reefer in my lungs
touch me like the blind read brail
you liberate this man
but my love ain't for sale

See I remember when we meet
at the Chinese restaurant
eating my pots ? and a plate of egg fo yung
I was sprung by the way that you handled yourself
when I looked at you dumb
no artificial flavours and no artificial fronts
you were smooth like I imagined you to be
I'd be fool to ever let you get away from me
back then we fumbled through the first formalities
now I'm feeling for your neck
don't ever set me free
don't ever set me free
cause it's just you and me

You make my heart beat
you make me feel so free
you make my heart beat
to the disco beat

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