100,000 Miles
Anybody Seen My Mind
Bomb The World
Bomb The World (Armageddon Version)
Caught Without An Umbrella
Chocolate Supa Highway
Closer To The Sky
Comin' To Getcha
Crazy, Crazy, Crazy
Crime To Be Broke
Do Ya Love
Dream Team
Every Single Soul
Everyone Deserves Music
Feelin' Free
Food For The Masses
Ganja Babe
Gas Guage
Has Anybody Seen My Mind_
Hole In Da Bucket
I Know I'M Not Alone
I Wish I Could Be You
I'M Like A Bee
In The Light
Is It Love Enough
Keep Me Lifted
Keep On Runnin' (This Bus)
Keepin' It Natural
Listener Supported
Love Invincible
Love Is Da Shit
Love Me Unique
Love'Ll Set Me Free
Love, Why Did You Have To Go Away_
Madness In The Hood
Music Move Your Soul (Roller Skate)
Never Too Late
Of Course You Can
Oh My God
People In The Middle
Piece O' Peace
Pray For Grace
Red Beans And Rice
Right On Time
Rock The Nation
San Francisco Treat
Skin On The Drum
Speaking Of Tongues
Stay Human
Stay Human (All The Freaky People)
Tha Payroll (Stay String)
Thank You
Time To Go Home
U Can'T Sing Our Song
Water Pistol Man
Wayfarin' Stranger
We Can Dance
We Don'T Mind
What Happens Next
What I Be
Yell Fire
Yes I Will