See What The Gods Have Sent, An Evil Terminator
They Slept For A Thousand Years, The Ancient Tormentor
Strange Tunnel Of Light, A Living In Misery
Damned Is The Creator, Blackened Reality

Useless Circle Of Sadness, A Dream From The Past
Sadistic Mindless Gods, Free At Last
Die In The Wars Of Madness, This Will Never End
Only Silence, Armageddon Descends

Echoes From A World Far Beyond
No Man Will Ever Walk This Land
Silence Is Spread Over An Endless Desert
The Skull Of A Child Is Lying In The Sand

See What The Gods Have Sent ... [See Above]

Heavenly Angels Fell
Forever Lost In Hell
The World Wasn't Meant To Be Saved

Wrath Of The Gods
Death To The Gods
Hungry Vultures From The Grave

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