I'm on my way
Why shoud I stay?

I'm on my way
A wanna live my life today
Why shoud I stay
When you don't even look my way?

Baby where were you when I called you last night?
Baby tell the truth about you and her
Where were you last night when I called you?
Were you too busy to pick up the phone for me?
Where were you last night when I needed you badly?
Where were you?


Never been so wrong about someone in my whole life
Never felt so strong without you, without you
Now I know I was wrong when I called you
Now I'm too busy to squeeze you into my life
Let me drop you off where I found you
No way I can stay cause I'm on my way


Baby stay away, I don't need you
Baby it's too late, I don't want you
And now I'm on my way


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