Sweet little baby
Yesterday I felt
You play a strange game
Sweet little lady
Now I know my feelings
Turned to truth
And you donґt have to tell me
What your soul can show me
Iґm not afraid of dying
Iґm more afraid today of losing you
Do you remember
Everything was easy
When I was there?
Do you remember
When we touched the sky
And took a plane – back home?
It never made a difference
Between our age and our separate souls
ҐCause from the first step on
I knew you are the one Iґm waiting for
A Violet Dream
Always there all around me
You will hear me calling out your name
So loud I can
This Violet Dream
I will dream here without you
You will get what you want
You will take what you are looking for
I wish I could prove it
Although I am sure that love ends here
You know – I was able
To reach for the stars in your sky
And all of the promises
That Iґve ever made
Are more than just more empty words
You know theyґll turn to truth

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