(feat. Master Ace)
To get where you wanna be
You have to set a goal
And keep your eyes on the prize
[VERSE 1: Master Ace]
Now let me take a second, just so I can beckon
And call out an all-out rush just like wreckin
Your brain as you strain to maintain, sustain
The way you felt because I dealt you pain
And pleasure, in every single measure
You miss being kissed by this lyrical treasure
Enjoy it at your leisure, cause it's gonna please ya
Master Ace and Action again is here to ease ya
Spirit, cause all you have to do is hear it
And you'll catch a stroke
And say, "Damn, that brother broke!"
Now I'm about to get off another funky hit off
And if you think you're hangin, yo, I think you bit off
More than you can chew, now how you gonna swallow it?
Check the technique, see if you can follow it
Like a path or a road made of yellow bricks
Yo Steady Pace, go 'head and bust the mellow mix
[DJ Steady Pace scratches]
So keep your eyes on the prize
Keep your eyes on the prize
Keep your eyes on the prize
Keep your eyes on the prize
And keep your eyes on the prize
[VERSE 2: Master Ace]
Now I'm the capital A and what I'm sayin is conveyin
That I romp, stomp and jump on any competition
That's opposed to me, they can't get close to me
You say that goes to see, what's that supposed to be?
Some kind of challenge? I take you head up
Beat up and eat up punks and won't let up
But not with my fist or even with a deadly weapon
But with my lyrics, yeah, that's how I'm steppin
On all those that doubt me or my race is won
And you critics are hopin that the Ace is done
But now consider, this here little bit of
Super commentary for those that are very
Misdirected and lookin for some kinda angle
Censorship is their attempt to strangle
The Master, they know that my words can motivate
And set straight the crooked from their fate
Don't you understand that rap is like a tool to me
You're sellin what? You're actin likea fool to me
Go get a job or maybe go and learn a trade
And make the grade, that's how you get paid
Steady's on the cut and Action is the posse
Open your eyes and you'll see what I see
Brothers are fallin, homegirls are callin
Themselves independent, but yo, we're all in
The same boat together, it doesn't matter whether
You disagree, it's still reality - see
[VERSE 3: Master Ace]
Now where're we goin, where are we goin, which direction?
Look at your reflection, now someone praise the resurrection
Of a people many years considered kin
To an animal, unlike those with lighter skin
But that's the past and many knew it couldn't last
By peaceful means or either by a rifle blast
Or whatever, better late than never
We finally arrived and yo, the dream has survived
But many died tryin and they're the ones that paved the way
Real live supermen and -women save the day
So that we can live our life without ?????
Racial oppression, mental anguish through aggression
So realize what it took for us to rise
And don't sleep but reap and keep your eyes on the prize
[VERSE 4: Master Ace]
Sing a song of six pence, a pocket full of crack
Think you're sayin somethin, you ain't sayin jack
Now tell me, what is goin on these days?
From what I'm seein lately I'd say crime pays
Cause somebody is gettin paid
I think it's time to sprinkle some rain on the parade
Now listen, take this as a word from the wise
I'm not a prophet or a preacher, just a man with eyes
And I've been witnessed the fitness of a neighborhood worsen
You oughta hold a person-to-person
Discussion with those who rose from that level
Usin a broom or a mop or a shovel
Not on the corner waitin for the big pay-off
It's not comin, so why not stay off
The streets, believe me it beats bein sent up-
state on a date with the man and bein pinned up
In solitary, take advantage of your freedom
I'm givin helpful hands cause you need em
It's not all about the cash you make
Sellin poison to boys and girls - you're a fake
So what you got a cable, so what you got a BM?
You love when the girls go, "Ooh, did you see him!"
So what your pocket's filled with 20s and 10s
You're gonna find out just how fast that ends
Cause one day you'll be drivin round the way in your ride
There'll be a bullet with your name on the side
And if you don't believe what I'm tellin you, mack
When you're layin on the ground with a hole in your back
Lookin up at the sky, gettin closer to hell
Just remember Master Ace had a story to tell
Keep your eyes on the prize [x5]
Keep your eyes on the prize [x5]
[scratched letters]

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