Hey. Mr. Superstar:
"I'll do anything for you"
"I'm your number one fan"
Hey mr. porno star I I I I want you
Hey mr. sickly star
I want to get sick from you
Hey mr. fallen star
Don't you know I worship you?
Hey mr. big rock star
"I wanna grow up just like you"
I know that I can turn you on
I wish I could just turn you off
I never wanted this
Hey mr. superhate
I just want to love you
Hey, hey, hey mr. superfuck,
I wanna go down on you
Hey mr. supergod,
Will you answer my prayers?
Hey, hey, hey mr. superman,
I want to be your little girl
Hey mr. superstar,
I'll kill myself for you
Hey mr. superstar,
I'll kill you if I can't have you
Superstar, superfuck baby...

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