Date: Sun, 05 Jan 1997 03:56:56 -0500
From: neebow
Subject: (no subject)
Marilyn Manson
Album: AntiChrist Superstar
song: (Mister Superstar)
Lyrics: Manson/Music: Ramirez
Lead Guitar: Reznor
Additional Rhythm Guitar: Daisy Berkowitz
submitted by DeathHack & transcibed by DeathHack
Main riff
(listen to the song if you)
(dont know how the strum )
(goes. Track 9 )
Lyric's: (Mister Superstar)
Hey Mr. Superstar:
"I'll Do Anything For You"
"I'm You're Number One Fan"
Hey Mr. Porno Star, I,I,I,I Want You
Hey Mr. Sickly Star,
I Want To Get Sick From You
Hey Mr. Fallen Star,
Don't you know I Worship You?
Hey Mr. Big Rock Star,
"I Wanna Grow Up Just Like You"
I Know That I can Turn You On
I Wish I Could Just Turn You Off
I Never Wanted This
Hey Mr. Superhate,
I Just Want To Love You
Hey, Hey, Hey Mr. Superfuck,
I Wanna Go Down On You
Hey Mr. SuperGod,
Will You Answer My Prayers?
Hey, Hey, Hey Mr. Superman,
I Want To Be Your Little Girl
Hey Mr. Superstar,
I'll Kill Myself For You
Hey Mr. Superstar,
Ill Kill You If I Can't Have You
Superstar,Superfuck Baby...
The End
From [email protected] Fri Jan 10 12:35:50 1997
Date: Mon, 23 Dec 1996 05:58:30 +0000
To: [email protected]
Subject: Mister Superstar by Marilyn Manson
This is a very simple song the first note three times; the second note,
twelve times
by Graham Nicholson
Date: Mon, 5 May 1997 02:36:04 -0500
From: [email protected]
[email protected]
First off, this is my first attempt to tab a song, so bear with
me if i make any mistakes. The reason I am tabbing this, is because of
all the other incorrect versions. I assure you that this is the correct
Let each chord ring. It helps if you know how the song goes,
then you can tell how to play it. It is fairly simple.
..let each chord ring
^^..pause Repeat
Hey, Mr. superstar:
"I'll do anything for you"
"I'm your number one fan"
Hey Mr. porno star, I, I, I, I want you
Hey Mr. sickly star,
I want to get sick from you
Hey, Mr. fallen star,
Don't you know I worship you?
Hey, Mr. big rock star,
"I wanna grow up just like you"
I know that I can turn you on
I wish I could just turn you off
I never wanted this
Hey Mr. superhate,
I just want to love you
Hey, hey, hey, Mr. superfuck,
I wanna go down on you
Hey, Mr. supergod,
Will you answer my prayers?
Hey, hey, hey, Mr. superman,
I want to be your little girl
Hey Mr. superstar,
I'll kill myself for you
Hey Mr. superstar,
I'll kill you if I can't have you
Superstar, superfuck baby...
That is basically it. I am not sure how the other parts of the
song go, but I am working on it. Please send suggestions, comments,
compliments, complaints, or just pure raw bloody rage to:
[email protected]

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