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[I told someone I'd post this last week, so here it is...share and enjoy]

Okay, this is gonna be a PAIN as the song is 18+ minutes long!!!

I love the story of Beowulf and Marillion, and this is one of my favourite
songs, so I have tried to do my best on it.

Sure, there may be some parts that aren't correct, but it's better than
what was out there, which was nothing. If I receive any flames I will
forward them to the postmaster at your site along with a complaint. :)
Nice advice/thanks/critisism is welcome though!

-Dan Newcombe
[email protected]

A little guide to some of my own notations:

6 lines of ---- are guitar tab (From top to bottom E B G D A E)
5 lines of ---- are keyboards (yeah, it's a guitar group, but there
are more flames and discussions so at least this is
music :)
For Key music - & is treble cleff, ) is bass clef and o is a note,
listen to the music for the length/beat/other.

And Now...
Grendel by Marillion (from B-Sides Themselves)
as heard by Dan Newcombe ([email protected] for now)

Guitar Riff A: Intro (Played Twice)


Guitar Riff B (Mainly just chords, one note at a time.)
(This is how I play it.)
Bm A

G F#

Keyboard: Main Rythym A (lightly, in the background)
B | A | G | F#

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