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Hello James, another one for Nevada. Mail any comments, corrections
etc. to Jeroen van der Laak .
Notes on the sixth string are actually played on bass, but I added
them for solo guitar.
Going under - Marillion
(from the album Clutching at straws, 1987)
Chords used and the way they are played:
D1 |D2
G |F#min |Amin
D1 D2 D1
D2 D1 D2
Is it wrong to talk to myself even when there's nobody else?
D1 D2 F#min G Amin
I'm just checking out that I've not gone under the water or thrown on
F#min D1 D2 D1 D2
the beach like a seal ready for slaugther
D1 D2
Can't you understand that the way things were planned
D1 D2 F#min G
it never worked out so I just went crazy
Amin F#min D1 D2 D1
I took to the drink like something says it's 'maybe'
D2 D1 D2
I ain't got no excuse and that's really the news
D1 D2 F#min G Amin
I got nothing else to say except it's my way, it's always my way
F#min D1 D2 D1
I seem to be running away so often
D2 D1 D2
I'll try anything once and that's the way we should be
D1 D2 F#min
but it's always the same getting caught up again in a habit
G Amin F#min D1 D2
a habit, that I just can't shake off, the way it always turned out
(small interlude)
D2 D1 D2
Can you understand it's the way I choose to be
D1 D2 F#min G
everything seems so easy this way, but I'm going under, fast
Amin F#min D1 D2
I'm slipping away, am I so crazy?
Some more guitar picking, repeat several times
PS anyone for 'Today' by Jefferson Airplane?

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