Well I'm walkin' blind down danger street
The street where eyes don't dare to meet
Dirt-Doorways frame silhouettes
A Teeth-Grind-Grinning smile of threat
Down here you ask for all you get
These East Side Angrys'll getchoo yet
Ignore the cat calls look straight ahead
You could wind up the other side of dead
(If you're lucky)

Well I took a glance sideways
Straight into some Chicano chick's eyes
They were pretty wild
Like she'd been snortin' some of that cocaine
She was mean for trouble
Boilin' for blood
But I had to say she was stacked
>From the tip of her toes
To her flaming red hair
She's gonna drag me up to her Carnal Cage of no way out desire

Help, Help
You gotta help yourself
Help me, Help me
You son of a gun
You gotta run muchacho run

Well I was getting to know the neighbourhood
Getting to know how it looked and smelled
Watching the windows
In tenement hell
Love was rape
And love for sale
And death a fact of life
Love was rare
But who cares, who cares
When you're living by the knife
Well I took a slug of bitter coffee
Pulled a face as bitter hit me
End up with a new mouth
Carved where my throat used to be
And then I saw him
Tall and proud
Wearing the entire city garbage dump
Around his neck and wrists

And then I saw him
Dirty red Chicano sweat bandanna
And colours
Held together by filth and fury
Oh wow-ee-ow

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