Every day I watch my mirror
Getting a little older, wiser, sadder with the years
Missed chances
Forgotten romances
Starting now to loosen with the tears
I could fall in love
Any time, any place, any where
But I spent last night
Treading on valentines
Treading on valentines
You know it didn't mean a thing
I didn't make me give two damns
You know I thought I'd never fall in love
It only worked in films
Response, responsibilities, bravery, hardship
Giving up and giving too
Here's little things I think I mean
Some consequence to you
I'll never get the chance again
Faces heartbreakingly wonderful
All flash by me
Steaming neon's in the rain
Diamonds down the memory drain
But you inspire me, fuel and fire me
Never leave me
Or deceive me
We could sit out winter evenings
Laughing over Love and Little White Lies
Sit out winter evenings
Laughing over Love and Little White Lies

Bitter coffee
Stomach aching
Pass the time while our hearts are breaking
I've got faith in you
So don't you have faith in me?
Misted mornings
Damp in sorrow
Love me just the same tomorrow
Something blue and something borrowed
And a bruise inside of me

I'm drunk on your delivery
Intoxicated by your eyes
Got to find an antidote
Before we say goodbye
Car wrecks and romantic moons
With you and I the stars
We're somewhere in a midnight movie
Somewhere off afar

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