my memories of better days still stand in my way because no matter what i say i still play your game.
the frustration of wanting things that you cant see.
and its hurting you but its killing me,
its feeding my disbelief.
and i take back all that ive done.
i cant take back, whats done is done.
ive seen the pain in your face,
the pain in your eyes.
its no surprise to me,
i see what ive done wrong.
no sense in holdin on,
now standin side by side,
i hope i tried.
i realize its the end of our time,
the end of our lives together.
now theres no words left for me to say cuz i know that things wont change.
and theres nothin left to rearrange,
all thats left is the memory.
i cant take back all that ive done.
and theres nothin left for me to say because whats done is done

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