I see the way that you’re looking at me
You don’t like what you see
Harrasing us every chance that you get
When the fuck are you gonna leave me be

I’m getting sick of your smart-ass ways
And I don’t have to play your bullshit games

Nowhads against the wall
Don’t fuckin’ move - don’t say a word

I look in your eyesI know you’re not much older than me
Going out of your way to impress your peersand make a fool out of me
And then you wonder why some people just don’t fuckin’ care
Quick to lock us downand when in need you you’re just never there

Help - where are you
If this was youwhat would you do
Cause I won’t help you
I can’t trust you any more

Won’t back down from you no more
You think that you’re better than me
Give me a chance and then we’ll see
Take off your badgenow talk to me
If you’re the man you claim to be

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