Abnormal Multiplication Of The Diaphragmatic Tissu
Affection Characterized By Inflammation Of The Bro
C.H.S. Chronic Hyperglicemy Syndrome (Diabetes Mel
Concrete Sablilized Within The Excreting Canal Of
Congenital Tumour Constituted By Embryonic Tissues
Degenerative Affection Of The Semitendious Muscula
Emphysema Cadaverosum (Fermented Cadaveric Dissolu
Infectious Pyelonephritis By Pathogenic Bacteriolo
Inflamatory Fermentation Of The Gastric Tissue
Malignant Tumour Grown From Renal Parenchyma
Mephitic Emenation Of Malignant Omphalitis
Pneumo-Ingurgitation Consequent To The Embolism Of
Prostatic Affection Censequent To Blenorrhagical U
Spontaneous And Spasmodic Contraction Of the Muscl
Sub-Acute Inguinal Lymphogranulomatous Ganglionar
Suppurated Inflamatory Intumescentia Of The Ophtal
Surgical Suppression Of The Extremities By Abnorma