Ain't It Somethin'
Ain't No More Cane
All My Love is Gone
An Acceptable Level Of Ecstasy (The Wedding Song)
Babes in the Woods
Ballad of The Snow Leopard and The Tanqueray Cowboy
Baltimore (с табами)
Black and Blue
Blue Skies
Christmas Morning
Closing Time
Cowboy Man
Creeps Like Me
Cryin' Shame
Cute as a Bug
Don't Touch My Hat
Family Reserve
Family Reserve (с табами)
Family Reserve (с аккордами)
Farther Down The Line
Farther Down The Line (с табами)
Fat Babies
Fiona (с табами)
Flyin' Shoes
Flyswatter...Ice Water Blues
Girl In The Corner
Give Back My Heart
Give me Back my Heart
God Will
Good Intentions
Her First Mistake
Here i am
Hot to go (с табами)
I Can't Love You Anymore
I Know You Know
I Loved You Yesterday
I Married Her Just Because She Looks Like You
I've Been To Memphis
If i Had a Boat (с табами)
If i Had a Boat
If i Had a Pony (с табами)
If I Were The Man You Wanted
If You Were to Wake up
In My Own Mind
It Ought To Be Easier
L.a. County
Long Tall Texan
My Baby Don't Tolerate
Nobody Knows me
North Dakota
Old Friend (с табами)
Old Friend (с аккордами)
Once is Enough
Penguins (с табами)
Private Conversation
Record Lady (с табами)
Record Lady (с аккордами)
Road To Ensenada
She Makes Me Feel Good
She's Already Made Up Her Mind
She's Hot to go
She's Leaving Me Because She Really Wants To
She's no Lady
Simple Song
Simple Song (с табами)
Simple Song (с аккордами)
Since The Last Time
Skinny Legs (с табами)
Song About Sonya (с табами)
Summer Wind
That's Right
The Girl in The Corner (с табами)
The Road to Ensenada (с табами)
This Old Porch
Tickle Toe
Walk Through The Bottomland
Walk Through The Bottomland (с табами)
Walk Through The Bottomland (с аккордами)
Walking Tall
West Texas Highway (с аккордами)
What Do You Do
What do You Do|the Glory of Love
Which Way Does That Old Pony Run
Who Loves You Better
Why I Don't Know
Working Too Hard
You Can't Resist It
You Were Always There
You've Been So Good Up To Now
You've Got A Friend In Me
Youre Not From Texas (с табами)