hey barbarella
my babe interstellar
the universe belongs
to you and to me
hey barbarella
my babe psychodella
when we're together
all the planets stand still

hey barbarella
my babe twisterella
the milky way is made
for you and for me
hey barbarella
my babe what a fella
when we're together
all the stars shine so bright

get me high, let me fly
cross my heart and hope to die
sweetest lie, electrify
but then you kiss goodbye
intensify, touch the sky
let me fall, and make me cry
you imply to satisfy
but then you leave me dry
why oh why oh whyhey girl
what do you want
you drive me crazy
but i'm no debutant
hey girl
what do you need
you rip my heart out
and then you let me bleed

chorus (repeat)

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