С табами

A Private Future
All in my Mind
All In My Mind (acoustic version)
An American Dream
Angels And Devils
Ball of Confusion
Bound for Hell
Dog-End of a Day Gone By
Earth Moon Sun (с табами)
Earth, Sun, Moon
Everybody Wants (с табами)
Everybody Wants to Go to Heaven
God and Mr. Smith
Haunted When the Minutes Drag
Here on Earth
Hey Du Da
Holiday on The Moon
I Feel Speed
If There's a Heaven Above
Inside the Outside
It Could be Sunshine
Kundalini Express
Life in Laralay
Love me
Mirror People
No Big Deal
No New Tale to Tell (с табами)
No New Tale to Tell
No Words No More
Rain Bird
Rainbird (с табами)
Rock and Roll Babylon
Seventh Dream of Teenage Heaven
Shelf Life (с табами)
So Alive
Sweet Lover Hang Out (с табами)
Teardrop Collector
The Game
The Purest Blue
The Teardrop Collector
The Telephone is Empty
Waiting For The Flood (с табами)
Waiting for the Flood
Welcome Tomorrow
Yin And Yang The Flowerpot Man
____(Jungle Law)