You're an adventurer
you sail across the oceans
you climb the Himalayas
seeking truth and beauty as a natural state

You're a queen reborn
worshipped from above afar
some see you as an elixir
an elemental natural seeking perfect grace

In a catacomb
or cave of endless drawings
prehistoric or religious
your accomplishments prodigious
seeking out the perfect tone

Your language so clear
your voice perfectly turning
as in the city I sit yearning
blowing rings of smoke from thin cigars
or driving fast in foreign cars
to capture your remains, huh

You're an adventurer
a turban wet wrapped 'round your head
on the mountainside they predict your death
oh how you fooled them all

But subjects are a poor excuse
when what you really want's a muse
an inspirating knowledge
of what comes before

Ooohhh, speeds of light
the momentary flicker
of a candle in its wicker basket
smoking wax, facts

Did you find that superior knowledge
that eluded you in college
Did you find that super vortex
that could cause your cerebral cortex
ooohhh, to lose its grip

You're an adventurer
you were out looking for meaning
while the rest of us were steaming
in an inspirating
ah, urban pit

An adventurer
you enter as I'm dreaming
I wish I'd never wake up
Differentiating scheming from my one true love

You're an adventurer
you love the angles and the cherries
the height and width of levies
the natural bridge and tunnels of the human race

You're an adventurer
nothing seem to scare you
and if it does it won't dissuade you
you just will not think about it
you dismiss it and defocus
you redefine the locus of your time in space, race

As you move further from me
and though I understand the thinking
and have often done the same thing
I find parts of me gone

You're an adventurer
and though I'll surely miss you
and of course I'll survive without you
and maybe good will come of that

But at this point, ah
I anticipate some grieving
and although I know your leaving
is a necessary adjunct to what we both do

An adventurer
splitting up the atom
splitting up the once was
splitting up the essence of our star-crossed fate

None who meet you
do forget you, my adventurer
my adventurer, my adventurer-venturer
my adventuress

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