where the love at... momma told me there'd be days like this but i didn't listen never question the womans intuition my ambition is to give you what you miss sweet love take off your shoes come get your feet rubbed us in the tub that'll be the shit anybody that don't believe this can eat a dick i think we soul mates cause we got so much in common you make them hoes wait when you meet the proper woman then next to me put your head on my chest attractionstimulates me but its not all about the sex i respect you got a mind and you.. self sufficient opiononate... yet know how to listen now what's mine is yours if i'm ballin you ballin tell that other nigga to stop calin check this out *back ground* i want to be your man baby i'm talkin about providing you with all the lights, securities, i mean i think the first step is going to pick out rings what you like baggets and pistol skirts can't spend a life without giving you an answer tonight cause i gotta catch an early flight.

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