From: veselack [email protected]
Know all about
about your reputation
and know it's bound to be a harvic situation
but i cant help it if i notice every time & when you are
u walk in & my strenth walks out the door
say my name & i can't fight it any more
oh i know i should go but
i need your touch just damn much
& lovin' you is it really something i should know
should i want to spend my time with you
well i should try to be strong
but baby you're the right kind of wrong
yeah baby you're the right kind of wrong
might be a mistake
of a seek in makin'but what your givin'
i am happy to be takin'

I don't know the rest i cant understand it she sang the part like boomhower talks. any way i'll try to get the rest. sorry again.

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