[email protected] Sep 27 16:56:17 1997
Date: Sat, 27 Sep 1997 15:40:27 -0400
From: Adam Klein
Subject: CRD: Will You Still Love Me - Leah Andreone

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Song: Will You Still Love Me
By: Leah Andreone
Album: Veiled

Chorded by: Adam Klein
[email protected]
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Capo: 1st
Intro: Drums followed by Em

Dying to scream

So I hide and sing

A disillusioned voyeur

Studying the sane

God keeps whispering

In the devil's ear


Things are getting weird

I'm nakedly perverted

Possessive and free

I wanna run away

But I never wanna leave

I got an ax to grind

And a mouth to match

You better hear me out

Don't let me crash

The blues in my eyes

Take me swimming

I try to dance

The floor keeps moving

My swollen lips

The words aren't forming
The curtain's coming down

Em C
Will you still love me tomorrow
E C Em
When you find out who I am today
Em C
Will you know my name tomorrow
When you hear the things I have to say
Em C Em
Will you still love me tomorrow

I'm black I'm white

I'm the human race

Call me Eve

How's the apple taste

In a perfect world

I'd find my place

Try to change me

What a fucked up waste

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