Bow Down
Come As You Are
Come Sunday Morning (с табами)
Come Sunday Morning (с аккордами)
Come Sunday Morning
Dive In
Happy Birthday
Hate You Didn't Try
Hell to Pay (с табами)
Hell To Pay (с аккордами)
Hell To Pay
I Feel The Earth Move
Imagining You
It's Alright It's ok
Its Alright Its ok (с табами)
Its Alright Its Ok (с аккордами)
Kiss Me Goodbye
Mother Tongue (с табами)
Mother Tongue (с аккордами)
Mother Tongue
Pretty Freak
Private Affair
Problem Child (с табами)
Problem Child (с аккордами)
Problem Child
Starstruck Bastard
Sunny Day
Swallow Me
Tighten It Up
Try To Take Your Time
We're Not Alone
Who Are They to Say (с табами)
Who Are They To Say (с аккордами)
Who Are They To Say
Will You Still Love me (с табами)
Will You Still Love Me
You Don't Exist
You Make me Remember (с табами)
You Make Me Remember (с аккордами)
You Make Me Remember