Baby Doll
Beautiful Pea Green Boat
Beautiful Red Dress
Big Science
Blue Lagoon
Born, Never Asked
Bornnever Asked
Bright Red
Credit Racket
Credit Racket (instrumental)
Dark Angel
Day The Devil
Dream Before
Example #22
Excellent Birds
Free Fall
From The Air
Gravity's Angel
Here With You
In Our Sleep
It Tango
John Lilly
Language is a Virus
Langue D'amour
Late Show
Let X = X
Let X=x
Life On A String
Love Among The Sailors
Maria Teresa Teresa Maria
Monkey's Paw
Muddy River
My Compensation
My Eyes
Night in Baghdad
O Superman
O Superman (For Massenet)
On The Way To Jerusalem
One Beautiful Evening
One White Whale
Pieces And Parts
Radar (instrumental)
Same Time Tomorrow
Sharkey's Day
Sharkey's Day (Single Edit)
Sharkey's Night
Slip Away
Smoke Rings
Someone Else's Dream
Speak my Language
Speechless (The Eagle And The Weasel)
Statue Of Liberty
Strange Angels
Talk Normal
The Cultural Ambassador
The Day The Devil
The Dream Before
The Dream Before (For Walter Benjamin)
The End Of The World
The Geographic North Pole
The Hollywood Strangler
The Island Where I Come From
The Mysterious "J"
The Night Flight From Houston
The Ouija Board
The Puppet Motel
The Rotowhirl
The Salesman
The Soul Is A Bird
The Ugly One With The Jewels
Walking & Falling
Washington Street
White Lily
Word Of Mouth
World Without End